Solutions to Common Iridient Developer Registration Issues

  1. Copy/paste seems to be problematic with some email or internet browser software. If you're using copy/paste definitely try manually typing the information into the dialog in Iridient Developer. This fixes nearly all serial number issues. I think the root of many copy/paste problems is that people are picking up extra space(s) at the beginning or end of the fields or sometimes even newline characters. In most cases there should be no white space at either the beginning or the end of either the name or serial number. If there are no extra spaces at the beginning or end of the fields and copy/paste is still not working type the information directly into the dialog in Iridient Developer.
  2. All spelling, spacing and capitalization of both name and number fields must match exactly.
  3. The name and number are two different fields. The "Serial Number Name" should only be entered in the "Serial Number Name" field of the dialog and same goes for the number. You cannot switch them around or enter both into one text field or the other.
  4. The serial number includes the beginning "IridientDev" text, you cannot leave this or any other portion of the serial number information out even if there may be characters that are not numerals.
  5. There should be no letter O values in the serial number, only zeros. In most cases the software should accept either zero or O interchangeably, but some people have reported specifically using zeros causes it to work whereas use of the letter O caused problems.
  6. Sometimes a quit and restart of the program and/or whole computer will fix random issues.
  7. Serial numbers that begin with "IridientDev0230" require Iridient Developer version 2.3 or later and are no longer compatible with old versions of the software. The latest release of Iridient Developer can always be downloaded here:
    Iridient Developer Download
    If you need a serial number that is compatible with old versions of Iridient (or RAW) Developer for any reason let me know by email and I can send you one.